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17 Dazzling Arts and Crafts of Pakistan

1. Wall Calligraphy is one of the most respected forms of art. Arabic calligraphy holds a special religious and social importance in Pakistan and can be seen on many historic mosques around the country.
2. Oil Painting has been around for a long time. Although somewhat modern, oil painting has grown in stature over the years. Arabic calligraphy in oil is very popular as well.
3. It’s somewhat extraordinary that Pakistan is one of a few nations in the world where artists have mastery over Calligraphy on Copper. Islam has deep roots in Pakistan and it shows even in our art.
4. Copper has been used for ornaments and decorative items for thousands of years in the region. The practice continues to this day and you can find dedicated copper shops and stalls sprinkled throughout the country.
5. Glass Chooriyan or Bangles personify the colorful nature of Pakistanis. Popular throughout, Hyderabad is considered by many as the hub of this art form.
6. Pottery is a cultural art that dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Primarily involving mud or terracotta, pottery is a shining example of our culture. Sheherzade Alam and Salahuddin Mian are two great potters from Pakistan.
7. A specialty of Sindh and Multan, Blue Pottery or Blue Kashi is famous all over the world for its unique look and charm. The craft is influenced by Central Asia, specifically the Chinese city of Kashgar.
8. The crafting of Camel Skin Lamps is called Naqashi and is another feature of Multan. It has been practiced for over a millennia in the region. Camel skin lamps, to-date, are some of the most sought after crafts in the world.
9. Wood Crafting has been part of Pakistan’s culture from the start. The main hub of woodwork remains in Chiniot, but it is an art that has a wide following. Ancient Muslim and Mughal heritage is quite visible in this art form. 
10. Tile work is another amazing and unique thing the Pakistanis do. Infact, Pakistan is one of the select few countries where tile work is done so extensively. It is another legacy of the Mughals which is still alive today.
11. Truck Art is a popular form of art that has made rounds in the last couple of decades. The eye-catching colors and unique displays have won it international recognition.
12. Salt Lamps are made from large salt crystals, often carved to create amazing sculptures. Punjab is the hub of salt mining in Pakistan with Khewra being the biggest contributor to this art form.
13. Marble work is synonymous with Pakistan which is blessed with huge reserves of marble and granite. For ages, marble has been used to create decorative items, utensils and art that just leaves you in awe. 
14. Khussa Chapal is a handcrafted shoe specialty of Pakistan. Made with the carefullest of hands, the khussa is the perfect amalgamation of thread, stone and glass work. These traditional footwear are the lifeblood of Pakistani weddings.
15. Sindhi Ajrak is a unique block-printed shawl from Sindh. Made from stamps and natural dyes, the ajrak along with the topi has long been a cultural trademark of Sindh. 
16. Found in the Northern regions of Pakistan and some regions in Punjab, the traditional wall hangings are as colorful and delightful as they come. Nothing lights up a room better than these draped on the well… even the Western world is finding that out.
17. Kashmiri Shawls are mostly made from Pashmina and are renowned across the world for being the finest. The shawl is characterized by the glowing harmony, brilliance, depth, and enduring qualities of its colors.

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