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Mosaic China Pots

1. Place china plate inside zip bag. Use tile nippers or wheel cutters while wearing leather gloves and safety glasses to cut ¼” to ½” into plate. Squeeze nippers to break plate into two pieces. Repeat process to make ½” tile pieces from plates. Each pot uses 90-100 tile pieces.     
2. To chisel roses off china knickknacks, set object on top of a folded piece of bubble wrap covered with a rag. Place chisel under edge of rose. Strike end of chisel with hammer (it may take more than one strike). If roses break, adhere pieces together with adhesive.
3. Paint pots Satin White; let dry. Lay tiles cut from Step 1 facing up on work surface. Adhere rose piece from Step 2 to pot front. Adhere tile pieces onto pot leaving 1/8” between each tile. Choose tiles with straight edges for bottom and top of mosaic. Cover entire pot body as shown. Repeat for other two pots.
4. Mix half of grout package according to manufacturer’s directions until grout reaches peanut-butter consistency. Spread grout onto pot over tile pieces using a damp sponge or putty knife. Lightly clean grout off tiles and pot lip using damp sponge. Repeat to grout other two pots and let dry for 30 minutes.
5. Wipe grout haze off tile pieces using damp paper towel or sponge. Wait another 30 minutes and buff haze again. Repeat if necessary. Let grout dry for 24 hours. Use paintbrush to seal mosaic with grout sealer; let dry. Plant succulents or other plants into pot.

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